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한글 레터링 hanguel lettering - BO HUY - KIM

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월요일 / 이다하 작가

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Love the depth and form of this type

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#글자표현 #타이포그래피 #한글 #typography

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Poster | Source: T H O X T

2013_Lettering Project - 디지털 아트 · 영상/모션그래픽 · 브랜딩/편집, 디지털 아트, 영상/모션그래픽, 브랜딩/편집, 디지털 아트

Yangjin Kim | 글자공감

한글 레터링 - Google 검색

The typography we would like to use is sleek and modern. Though The Boiler Room has been around for some time, we are positioning the Boiler Room as the new hot-spot to go after work. We would like to use a combination of light, regular and bold fonts to draw attention to headings and important portions of our creative.

아무것도 안할거야 #한글 #타이포그래피 #레터링