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__o_iii on twitter。32673702 pixiv id。
Animation, Croquis, Emo Style, Sanat, Ilustrasi, Gothic Anime, Kunst, Emo
an anime character's eyes and eyebrows are shown in various positions, including the upper half
くじら そら(3Dキャラ・2D背景) on Twitter
Anime, Cute Anime Profile Pictures, Anime Stickers, My Melody Wallpaper, Kawaii Stickers, Chibi, Cute Kawaii Drawings
-❀-✿-⋆Tʊɣếζ T¡ղɦ L¡ղɦ⋆ღ᭄ꦿ࿐
an anime character is holding a bat and standing next to another character with long hair
Fan Art, Avatar, Anime Profile, Anime Cover Photo, Anime Oc, Kawaii Anime
three different types of anime eyes with purple and white hair, one in the middle
an image of the moon with words written on it that say love and vacation in different languages
"Don't let love become your vocation." | Poster
#costar #astrology #poster #design #print