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three peace stones with flowers painted on them
Appalachian Artistry Hand Painted River Rocks Rainbow Peace Signs and Flower Power
Artist's pick from the 4 stones pictured. Different shapes, but pretty much the same. They are all available at present, so if one speaks to you more than the other, you can identify it specifically by placement in the picture. Bright and cheerful for the young or old hippie in your life. Hand painted. Sealed with a spray sealer and signed on the underside.
a smiley face wearing sunglasses and a peace sign on it's forehead with flowers in the hair
Smiley - Hippie - Peace Sign Sunglasses/flower Headband Pin | Peace Sign
the word peace painted in bright colors with flowers and stars on it's sides
"Psychedelic Peace" Sticker for Sale by Kellie Espie
a drawing of a girl wearing sunglasses and holding a bag with hearts on her hands
the beatles bus with all you need is love
the vw bus is painted green and white
a green and white vw bus with the word vw on it
VW Volkswagen Bus Van Cuttable Design
how to draw cars from different angles
how to draw a bus from different angles
How to Draw Volkswagen Van (Other) Step by Step
How to Draw Volkswagen Van Printable Drawing Sheet by DrawingTutorials101.com
four different colored vw buses with the words travel transportation
Hippie Van Images - Free Download on Freepik
a black t - shirt with an image of a vw bus and peace on it