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a white coffee cup is on a wooden stand with two black hooks attached to it
Wood working, furniture work, home decor, tools and tips
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an owl made out of rocks sitting on top of a tree branch
Stone/Pebble Art – creativeartworksblog
two wooden planks with rocks and twigs on them sitting on a table next to magazines
Stone Art, Rock Painting Ideas, Home Decor Crafts, Home Decor Ideas
a white frame with some rocks in it and the words i saac written on them
27 Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas with Pebbles and River Rocks That Will Find a Good Use for Your Stone Collection
an image of a bike made out of wood beads on a white wall in a frame
a lit candle surrounded by rocks with faces on them
interior design with candles
two pebbles are placed in a white frame and one is holding a flower
Pin on pebble art