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the poster for an upcoming show is shown in red and blue, with words above it
1 year of poster design
Poster Collection, 1 year of poster design Part#1Enjoy!
a poster with the letters klip in front of a building and an arrow pointing to it
Graphic Design Trends in 2017: What's Hot and What's Not
a poster with the words life is weird but so am it written in different colors
Life is Weird But So Am I GIF Animation | Illustration by Kelli Laderer
Tik Tok - simple people simple job design done in illustrator
a poster with the words t - shirt exhibition in black and red on it's side
Void — Symposium Exhibition Workshops
Void — Symposium Exhibition Workshops
a black and white photo of a skateboarder doing a trick
julia ferrando
MARATÓN. PUBLICACIÓN DEPORTIVA by julia ferrando, via Behance
a pink cocktail with an olive garnish on the rim and text that reads, new age private
A new Era begins. Back with you shortly
Hedgerow Royal, Illustrated Recipe by Cocorrina
the poster for an upcoming car show
Graphic design inspiration | #897
Oktoberfast Poster 2013 | Designer: Jeff Harder
a hand holding up some cards with mountains in the background and stars above them on top
Starlight Postcard
Share the beautiful illustration of stars, sky and mountain with your loved ones and express your love to them!
someone is holding an ice cream cone with the words, milk like cream on it
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries.
a black and white poster with the letter j in it's uppercase, against a blue background
Font History Poster Series
Font History Poster Series by Michelle Rauh, via Behance
an advertisement for the eric gil collection, which is now on display at the museum
Good night, Posterous
Gills Sans | Type Specimen Poster
the cover for la cremee de la cremee is shown in three different colors
The most popular items on Amazon
Concept gagnant pour l'exposition des finissants en graphisme du Collège Ahuntsic qui aura lieu au printemps 2016. Projet réalisé à l'automne 2015 en collaboration avec Maxime Soucy et Élyssia Rodeck.