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a display case that is filled with different types of fruit and vegetable flavored gummy
изготовление рекламных стоек
three yellow shelves with candy bars on them
POP Design (Edible Products)
POP Design (Edible Products) on Behance
there are two displays in the store for sleep soundy and zzzz products
ZzzQuil Corrugated Z Display In Aisle
ZzzQuil Corrugated Z 3D Dimensional Point-of-Purchase Display Front and Back
a display case in the middle of a store filled with food and candy items for sale
toothpaste and dental hygiene products displayed on blue display stand with white background, 3d rendering
Sensodyne - Glorificador
an assortment of beauty products displayed on a display stand with phone in the middle and other items behind it
Loreal POSM DUbai
Loreal POSM DUbai on Behance
an assortment of cosmetic products displayed on display
POPAI Awards Paris 2014
POPAI Awards Paris 2014
three shelves with different types of lipsticks on them, and one shelf displaying the same product
Displays for L'oreal
Displays for L'oreal on Behance
two display cases with different types of juices in them and one is for water
Nutrella POP Project
Define Bottle Exhibit POP
an advertisement for lancome is displayed on a clear tray with five bottles in front of it
Branchen - Kosmetik- Thekendisplays
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two display stands displaying different types of cosmetics
L'Oreal 3D Visualisation
L'Oreal 3D Visualisation by Andrey Melnikov, via Behance
an open book with some items in it on a white surface and snowflakes
Méchiers, nuanciers et palettes de couleur de cheveux & PLV
a mannequin in front of a pink display
Como planejar uma vitrine ? | Vimer
two display cases with different types of hair products
Aveeno Suncare Display Family
Ah, the sweet smell of summer in a bottle. When I think of the the sun, I usually think of the ocean right after. I tried to take the shape of a crested wave and apply it to the form of these displa...