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an image of two people walking down the stairs with their cell phone in hand and another person on the other side
Braille Staircase Handrail to Navigate Visually Impaired People While on Walking Up or Down Stairs - Tuvie Design
Staircase handrails usually are not considered to be a great navigation, however, if we use Braille Staircase Handrail, it would be really handy for visually impaired and blind people.
a fire extinguisher is shown in this graphic
This Way Out - Yanko Design
a man running through a tunnel with fire coming out of the ceiling and green lasers on the floor
This Way Out - Yanko Design
Way Out Light – Emergency Exit Lighting and Water Sprinkler System by Hwang Jong Gyu, Lee Sung-ho and Choe Heun Guk
a long hallway with green and red lights on the floor in front of it,
Intelligent evacuation system
inteligent evacuation
a man drinking water from a glass next to a wall mounted thermostaer
iF Design - Explore all winners of all iF DESIGN AWARDS – gain insight into the best designs of the year: iF DESIGN AWARD GOLD
a silver and black computer tower on a white background
Fridge That Knows It All - Yanko Design
there is a potted plant next to an air purifying device on the table
‘Mesa’ Combines a Planter and Hand-held Vacuum Into a Surprisingly Elegant Solution! - Yanko Design
‘Mesa’ Combines a Planter and Hand-held Vacuum Into a Surprisingly Elegant Solution! | Yanko Design
two medicine bottles are shown with instructions on how to use the bottle for medical purposes
The Built-in Pill Cutter - Yanko Design
The Built-in Pill Cutter Occasionally, pills require cutting to either make them easier to swallow or dose correctly. This is harder than you might think and usually requires an additional device that not everyone has access too…. so why not build one into the bottle? Easy Cut does just that by integrating a safe-to-use pill cutter in the cap that anyone can operate. Simple place your medication over the blade and push the cap down.Designers: WenZai Ye, DanDan Liao, JiaChen Du, GuangHao Wu
the instructions for how to use a straw in a glass bottle with a straw sticking out of it
디자인소리 - 동서대학교 곽정훈 스파크 어워드 : 컨셉 디자인 2014 수상
an electronic device on a black surface with its lid open and ear plugs out
now gear: Physical Products Designed to Enhance the Solo Traveling Experience - Core77
An Uncommon Storage Space: The Dining Table - Core77
an image of two ear buds that are connected to each other on a pink and orange background
AURA on Behance