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3) As a result, in May of 1948, the commission held an election in the southern half of Korea and Syngman Rhee was elected president of the Republic of Korea. The North then responded by inaugurating the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with Kim Il Sung as its premier in which he had ties to China and the Soviet Union.

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On War: Korean War 60th Anniversary Gen. Douglas MacArthur, commander-in-chief of United Nations Forces, on the bridge of the USS McKinley on his arrival at Inchon Harbor in September, 1950. Standing left to right are: Vice Admiral Arthur D. Strubble, Commander of the U.S. Seventh Fleet; Brig. Gen. E.K. Wright, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3 Far East command and Major Gen. Edward M. Almond, Commanding General, 10th corps

▲이승만(오른쪽)과 아버지 이경선. 왼쪽은 이승만 친구 김홍서. 이 사진은 이승만이 배재학당에 입학하기 전인 만 18세때(1893년)에 찍은 것으로 상투를 자르지 않았다.

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민영환 (그는 이승만을 석방하여 미국에 밀사로 보냈다.) - 이승만

Syngman Rhee (Yi Seung Man)

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1904년 11월 미국에 밀사로 떠나기전 가족사진. 오른쪽부터 박씨 부인, 이승만, 아들 태산, 아버지 이경선 옹 (뒤에 서있는 소년은 조카).

Syngman Rhee, Time Magazine, Mar. 9, 1953