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LADY BOTA's flower design
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a flower box with 'Pepero'(Korean chocolate biscuit) www.ladybota.com

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flower box with sweet 'Läderach' chocolate (www.ladybota.com)

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a flowerbox~ decorated with a mini bear, cute mini-sized jams and mini red roses. the 'red' goes with winter very well. I think it would make a great gift in winter! (www.ladybota.com)

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iguazu bouquet : they have bigger and classier blossoms than many other kinds of roses. and they go so far as to have very pretty stems & thorns! (www.ladybota.com)

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including unusual materials, today's 'pick-and-mix' centerpiece (www.ladybota.com)

three bouquets! these hand-tieds become this season and this place. (www.ladybota.com)

a flower box with macarons (www.ladybota.com)

a gift, flower box with delicious cookies! (ugh, this picture has poor quality.) (www.ladybota.com)

neat & simple eight pink roses tied with ribbon (they were gifts for the staffs of a company today.) www.ladybota.com

a flower box for a proposal with simple mini pink roses. my client wanted to put the jewelry box in the middle of the box... and, tada~~~ ;) (www.ladybota.com)

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