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floral works

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LADY BOTA's flower design

a flower box with 'Pepero'(Korean chocolate biscuit)


iguazu bouquet : they have bigger and classier blossoms than many other kinds of roses. and they go so far as to have very pretty stems & thorns! (


a flowerbox~ decorated with a mini bear, cute mini-sized jams and mini red roses. the 'red' goes with winter very well. I think it would make a great gift in winter! (


flower box with sweet 'Läderach' chocolate (


a bouquet, full of reds!!! I think colorful bouquets photographs better than delicate colored ones. (it is the first priority that the bouquets goes with their 'owners' well, of course.) (

it's graduation season, in February! congratulations on your graduation with gorgeous flowers from LADY BOTA. ( 2월, 졸업시즌입니다! 아름다운 LADY BOTA의 꽃으로 여러분의 졸업을 축하합니다. ** 주문, 문의는 언제든 환영입니다. ** 발렌타인데이 선물 문의도 환영입니다!

this delicate colored bouquet was for my client's mother, for her birthday! (

from cream to pink, and the green is the accent color of it! (

my client wanted iPhone6 to be in the flower box! it is for unbosoming himself to his loved one. (hope this is a great gift for both of them) (

for parents' day (