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a bird sitting on top of a branch in the sky
a snail crawling on the side of a wooden rail
a close up of a dog's head with its eyes closed and it is looking up
Red Fox Red Fox
Red Fox by Peter Lilja
an animal that is sitting on a wooden surface
Start A Fire
Yes, little otter, that wooden platform makes a good chin rest - December 26, 2014
a small animal swimming in the water
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What a cute smile
the night sky is filled with stars above mountains and snow covered ground, as seen from an icy lake
Head up, my darling ans see the magic above us
the full moon with pink flowers on it's branches in front of a dark sky
Essa lua dedico para você,hoje o dia é seu....mas á noite é dos que acreditam no impossível e teletransporta a alma para junto de você e contempla uma noite perfeita.
the night sky is filled with stars above a wooden walkway leading to an open field
BRIGHT Sisters The Evolving OF your intelligence is unlimited in THE REPUBLIC OF MENTELLECT144 ~ RZC
the night sky is filled with stars and bright purple lights, as well as some trees
By the light of the sky....