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the money saving challenge is here to help you save money for each square in each square
$600 Money-Saving Challenge
a blue and black poster with the words save big by the end of the year
MONTHLY SAVINGS | Saving money chart, Money saving strategies, Money saving plan
a christmas savings sheet with the words save $ 1, 000 by christmas on it
12-Week Money Challenge: Save $1,000 by Christmas
the $ 500 self care savings sheet is shown in black and white, with hearts on it
the valentine's day savings challenge is shown in pink and white with hearts on it
Mini Savings Challenge
We've all heard about the famous 50/30/20 Rule.... well this is another way to use it 😉 Budget Challenge
50 30 20 Challenge
a printable bee savings game with the words $ 50 and two bees on it
$800 Savings Challenge
the printable money challenge for kids to learn how to make their own $ 10 savings
Mini Savings Challenge
the six month savings challenge is shown in black and white, with flowers on each side
$500 Savings Challenge
This is a savings plan that will help you save $1,000 in one year by depositing money on a monthly basis.
Save $1,000 in One Year - Semi-Monthly Savings Plan
the $ 1, 000 rainy day fund is shown in black and white on a pink background
15 totally free printable savings trackers for instant download!
the $ 3, 000 in 12 months money saving challenge
These Monthly Money Saving Challenges You Need to Try