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a white cabinet with rocks in it on the floor next to a wall and cement floor
_Cleanse mind before entering sterile environment.
mentaltimetraveller:“ Nicolás Lamas at Ladera Oeste, Guadalajara‘Against the Boundary of its Own Definition’”
a wooden pallet sitting on top of a floor
It's Contemporary...
polychroniadis: Marc Bijl, ‘An Effort To Close...
the inside of a shoe store with all kinds of shoes on display in front of it
Domain name registration
Ports 1961 Altered Images, Andy Warhol Pop Up in Selfridges. Designed and produced by Elemental Design.
several pieces of wood sitting in an empty room
10 Contemporary Artists Who Use Furniture as a Medium
Artist and sculptor Hannes Van Severen transports the solidity and mass of furniture to a surreal and wondrous dreamworld of permeable surfaces and implausible angles. Severen suggests that his work ”deprives the object of its original functionality and allows its aesthetic value to prevail.”
an upside down door in the corner of a room that has been partially opened up
Folding Door No. 3 Sculpture
Dennis Shields; "Folding Door No. 3" I would love to do this in my own house.
several pieces of clothing hanging from hooks in a room with white walls and concrete flooring
ALTROVE. I AM SOMEWHERE ELSE | because nothing is as it seems
Om, Milan, Vogue, Fashion, Fashion Artwork, Exhibition, Work Uniforms
Abiti da lavoro, una mostra alla Triennale
Clothes, Clothing, 90s Fashion, Robins, Robin, Upcycled Fashion, Vetements, Textiles
Sitio privado
four people standing around a square shaped object in the middle of a grass covered field
Dimitris Polychroniadis Inspiration Blog
a black leather coat hangs from a white balloon in an empty room with exposed pipes
Source: highsnobiety.com
a green shirt hanging on a clothes line in an empty room with other items scattered about
옷가게인테리어 부산 감각적인 옷집인테리어
옷가게인테리어 부산 감각적인 옷집인테리어 interior design clothes shop 옷가게인테리어 오늘은 옷가게...
four different colored towels hanging from hooks
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Great display for dish towels or scarves!