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A801 Black. Air returns its original purity in a short time by using most multistage purification moisture, based on the evaporation of water from the filter surface. The fan draws air from the room into the air cleaner, it passes through a universal system of filters: a pre-filter, anti-bacterial, carbon, ion exchange filter wetting and GREEN HEPA. Some of them remove dust, microscopic particles, pollen and animal dander, while others specialize in cleaning the air of odors and harmful…

Hwaro | A heating humidifier combined with an air purifier. | Designer Team: Hun-jung Choi and Sung-wook Jung of Woongjin Coway Co. Ltd. (South Korea) | IDEA Gold 2010 | IDSA

Which Air Purifier? The GermGuardian Is Our Best Product Pick

A good air purifying system can change your life if you're looking to fight germs, allergens and stale odors in your home or office. There are so many air purifiers to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which is the best. After careful research, it looks like one air purifier in particular seems to be getting high marks and rave reviews. Take a look and see why..... see more at

The Ultimate Air Purifier Uses NASA Technology

3 | The Ultimate Air Purifier Uses NASA Technology | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Air Purifier Mimics the Benefits of Fresh Forest Air Inside the Home

Coway Air Purifier #productdesign #industrialdesign

Dreamwater, having trouble sleeping? Try this!