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an oil painting of trees and grass in a wooded area with a river running through it
The silence of the forest by KarlisMiesnieks
an oil painting of two men and a woman sitting under a tree with pots on the ground
a white vase with an image of two people dancing on it's sides and black trim around the edges
Playing, dancing... - Boiko N. - Classic art gallery ANTONIJA
a painting of a woman holding an umbrella in front of her face and trees behind her
Putns - Jurjāns Juris - Klasiskās mākslas galerija ANTONIJA
a painting of people on a dock with sailboats in the water and clouds in the sky
Lote Nr. 165 - 165. Kārlis Sūniņš (1907-1979) - Izsole 5 - Klasiskās mākslas galerija ANTONIJA
an old poster shows two men riding on a horse and holding a vase in their hand
Linde Verners (1895-1970), "Mājizstrādājumu izstāde", 1940 g., plakāts, papīrs, litogrāfija, 76 x 50 cm
a map of the state of latjua
076422 Latvija LATVIA MAP arms Vintage RARE PC