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a pair of scissors are on the ground next to a pink sweater and white cord
Customizable threader (nauhanpujotin) by postdoc
Customizable threader (nauhanpujotin) by postdoc - Thingiverse
a green piece of fabric being sewn on to a machine that is cutting it
9/16"-5/8" French Fell Fabric Seam Folder for Industrial Double Needle Sewing Machines (#09 & #09A) by ApexBalloons
This is a French Fell Seam Folder that produces a nominal 9/16" - 5/8" wide finished seam (depending on print tolerances, fabric type, and sewing techniques) and is suitable for any double-needle industrial sewing machine of approximately 3/8" needle width or less.It is designed to optionally enclose a single layer of 1/2" wide, 2500-pound, Kevlar load tape (typical of commercial products such as Herculine or Mule Tape) inside the seam. The fabric encapsulates the Kevlar webbing inside the fini
a ball of yarn sitting on top of a wooden table
3D Printed Knitting Machines, Crochet Hooks, Bowls, & More
an orange piece of fabric being sewn with a sewing machine
Folded Hem Attachment for Sewing Machines by wileur
the different types of molds are shown in this screen graber image, and below is an example of how to use them
Over 100 3D Printing Projects for Your Home
three cement pots with succulents and numbers are shown in front of each other
Table Top RPG Dice Succulent Planter Set - 3D Printed | 3D Printed Plant Pot | 20 sided, 12 sided, 8 sided Dice Set
a black and white chess board with pieces arranged on it, all in the same pattern
3D-Printed Vases That Give Plastic Bottles A Second Life
three different colored toothbrushes sitting on top of a green surface
3D Printed Crochet Hooks