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an assortment of different items on a wooden floor with blue and brown colors, including eggs
Zerno_complete.jpg by VORONOI
some type of brochure that is designed to look like an advertisement for a restaurant
Café Kafka restaurant graphic design by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona
Cafe Kafka. I love this combination of a modern logo paired with traditional looking illustrations. The K turned on its side symbolises a table effectively which holds food and wine above, giving a visual link of whats available there. Simple black gives it a professional and sleek look, which looks to be aimed towards a middle/high class because of the traditional drawings, and food/wine pictured.
Holographic Iridescence - via designlovefest | Pastel Pretties Architecture, Street Photography, Fotos, Fotografia, Fotografie, Bad, Kolor, Dekorasyon, Modern
Holographic Iridescence - via designlovefest | Pastel Pretties
the girls are brushing their teeth in the bathroom
Teenagers — Jessica Sherwood
jessica sherwood
three women standing in front of a bathroom mirror
18 Things Only "Tomboys" Will Get
You think that painting your nails is one of the most complicated things on the face of the Earth.
two coffee mugs sitting on top of a metal tray
Home On The Runway - Randa Salloum
I'd sooner keep these gold-lipped mugs for myself than as a gift for someone else
a woman's face with the word go painted on her face in white letters
너와 나는 서로 연결되어 있다
더 알아보려면 글을 방문하세요.
a woman's hand holding up a business card with flowers on it and the word designer written in japanese
ビジネス名刺 パワフル・完全透明 1
a woman holding up a fake moustache on her face and the same photo
Cartes de visite originales : 40 modèles pour votre inspiration
40 cartes de visite originales et surprenantes pour votre inspiration | Blog du Webdesign ---> Repinned by www.gers.nl
the man is holding up his card to show off it's fake moustache
50 atemberaubende Visitenkarten Teil II - KlonBlog
Ooooohhhh... some sort of selfie prop?
a person holding up a card with a mustache and sunglasses on it's face
Cartões de visita transparente
Cartões de visita transparente | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design
the silhouettes of people are shown in three different ways, including one with a woman's head
Joan Rivers Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death - Money Fame Insights
As the sun changes throughout the day, every hair color is displayed allowing for every person to be an individual target audience with only one design.
four different views of the same object in three different positions, each with its own logo
Laser Cut Acrylic Business Card Which Becomes A 3D Die
three different images of the same person holding something in their hand, with text below them
Chef / Restaurant / Catering business cards
1613009 김혜인 내가 만약 이런 명함이라면 어떨지 상상하게된다. 아마 나는 어색한 분위기를 풀기위해 상대방에게 명함에 대해 설명할테고 상대방은 투명막에 내 얼굴을 비춰보며 다시한번 나를 기억할 수 있게 될것이다. 정말 명함의 기능을 톡톡히 할 것이다.
some stickers are laying on top of a white book with an open page in the middle
Hologram deco PVC sticker set
ICONIC Hologram deco PVC sticker set