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a person holding a large blue and white object
Jumbo Swoosh Platter #jillrosenwald
many blue and white bowls stacked on top of each other
fes, morocco blue white pots clay
three paintings on easels in front of a white wall with red and yellow trees
To paint or not to paint.
a white bowl with a decorative design on the side and a cup next to it
Beryl Hole
Porcelain bowl and cup inspired by nature | Artist: Beryl Hole | londonpotters.com #pottery #ceramics
a white plate topped with flowers next to a knife and fork on top of a wooden table
a multi colored bird feeder hanging from a wire
Coldwater Catch Wind Chime
Coldwater Catch Wind Chime - Anthropologie.com Could be a coll grade 5 clay project. I gotta make this as an example!
three ceramic vases with wooden sticks sticking out of them sitting on a counter top
Pottery Honey Pot Polka Dot Sea Foam Green Ceramic Pot | Etsy
Treat your favorite foodie to a polka-dotted honey pot. #etsy