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an elephant pattern with blue and pink elephants on it's back ground, in front of a red background
01415826 © eledonk 1c in 3x2 Fabric | Spoonflower
good example of a tessellation: eledonk by sef on Spoonflower
a painting with many different colored faces on it
Artwork published by Katelyn15
Clowning Around by Katelyn, grade 5 (Donna Staten)
an origami cut out of the shape of a man's head and neck
5th Grade Projects
Tessellations, like the organization instead of filling the page.
the cover of an article about rhomdic flowers
Rhombic Flowers
rhombic flowers. tessellation. eric gjerde. http://www.origamitessellations.com/docs/rhombic_flowers_CP.pdf
a snowflake ornament is shown on a blue christmas tree ornament
Geek Christmas Ornaments | Zazzle
Teselated Koch Snowflakes Ornament
an abstract background with wavy shapes in red, blue, yellow and green colors stock photo
00655818 : octopod diamond 3 cA Fabric | Spoonflower
an image of a colorful pattern with birds and flowers
teaching Transformations and Tessellations - http://library.thinkquest.org/16661/escher/tessellations.4.html
two cats are sitting on top of a quilt
My Quilt Diary
tesselating cats quilt - years ago I bought a pattern similar to this with the cat holding a ball..never did it....oh, where is that pattern now, do I still have it???
an image of coloring pages for adults and children with the title, escher coloring pages
Let’s Draw ESCHER-STYLE -13 Coloring Pages
ESCHER Coloring Pages - I don't do colouring in lazy teaching in my classes but thought these might come in handy for tessellation/patterning or perhaps colour theory activities
an abstract background with many different colored cubes in the same pattern, all on one side
Colorful colors that attract attention. Great idea for a quilt.