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The combination of two very vibrant and highly-contrasting tones, supplemented by the softer lilac, creates a very intense visual effect. The use of gradients between the magenta and the lilac makes the 'M' appear to warp and glow in a really interesting way.


Top 10 Dance Moments on Film

Pulp Fiction I want this as a tattoo and for it to say rock n roll under it

윤디자인 블로그 :: '8FEAT(에잇피트)' 아티스트 릴레이 전시 – 타이포 아트 작가 박지후 개인전 <전시상황>

Baugasm Series - Pack 3 - created via

Baugasm Series - Pack 3 - created via

sarp sozdinler - typo/graphic posters

Showcase of Creative Designs Made with Vibrant Gradients