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Waoo TVC — High Speed Internet
Waoo TVC — High Speed Internet by ccccccc on Dribbble
a hand holding a piece of paper next to an open book and a clock on top of it
School of Motion: Explainer Camp
I had the joy to work with School of Motion again, designing and animating this little intro for their new course, Explainer Camp! You'll find it here soon…
the national education week logo is shown with hands holding an orange folder and pointing at it
Australians Together_National Reconciliation Week_FINAL
Legg merke til at grunnen til at bilder er relevant ikke er åpenbar før klippet nesten er ferdig, det ligger lenge før man skjønner eller det som er i bildet blir nevnt, og det funker
a red background with black and white letters
Trailer Motion Motion 2018
Title sequence for Motion-Motion, the graphic arts festival in motion. The festival's program : Credits: Concept, direction, animation:…
The Furrow's Covid-19 Animation Breakdown In After Effects - After Effects Tips and Tricks
two hands reaching out to touch each other in front of a white building surrounded by green leaves
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a neon colored background
BBC Stories : Hankook
Directed and Designed : Pedro Allevato Produced: Pedro Allevato and Amarjeet Kaur Motion Designers/Animators: Pedro Allevato, Peter…
blue and white balls hanging from strings in the dark with an arrow pointing to them
IBM Cloud // Manage
The fine folks at AKQA enlisted us to direct this four part series for IBM Cloud. Each video in the series gives an overview of one of IBM Cloud's core benefits.…
an animated video game with the letter m on it
MTV Ident
for MTV Int.
100 Days of Motion Design
100 days of Motion Design – UX Collective
Rocamode Reel 2018
Rocamode Reel 2018 by Luis Fernando Roca | Dribbble
an advertisement for the korean television program, btv
Btv OK캐쉬백 포인트 적립 spot (Director's cut)
Vimeo Btv OK캐쉬백 포인트 적립 spot (Director's cut)
a man sitting at a desk in front of a laptop computer on top of a red wall
an animated video is being used to explain how technology can help people with their learning needs
Lunar Wireless
Mantas Gr - Illustration, animation, storyboard Zing Audio - music edit & sound design
an image of a circle with chinese writing on it
點亮台灣 Light Up Taiwan 視覺識別/VI
點亮台灣 Light Up Taiwan VI - YouTube