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Househunter Test-Drive Like how this banner uses the users content to suggest a car thats relevant to them,

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heart 1 I love the use of video to provide examples, but I also wish I didn't have to watch the whole thing... would like to skip around.

Watch This Ingenious UI Idea, For Dragging Files From Your Phone To Computer

Transferring data from the desktop to mobile

02_nixon_productdetail-mobile-expandednav I love the interactive elements of it. Do the action to see how it works.

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Spotify On iPad Bests iTunes Through Inviting Design

New spotify ipad app has a killer design Hey, it starts at the bottom of the scroll rather than the top. Thank you, Google, for changing the parallax paradigm. Paralax style popup book.

Build the story as you scroll. Take a ride with the guy to the bottom of the sea...