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Illustration / Quottom Magazine

Cozy Breughel - Poster & FBbanner2 color Riso Printed PosterTC, June 2015, Ghent

1800's vintage test tubes chemistry - Google Search

The science of love: Mitch Blunt is a UK based illustrator with an interesting straightforward style that pairs vibrant colors with flat textured shapes. His work is thoughtful in its execution and composition with compelling and often playful concepts. This image, titled “The Science of Love” created for Benhealth Magazine, cleverly shows an intricate (and quite possibly explosive) formula for love.

Installations of Small Sourced and Minutia of Everyday Objects by Dawn Ng

Tom Hancocks ongoing series Spheries. It centres virtual set designs around spheres and circles creating digital fata morgana’s. Hancock makes you wish you could enter them.

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