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Tesla Live Widget
We connected Tesla Model S with a custom-made widget. So while Saša is driving, you can track progress in real-time via widget embeddable in any website. This means everyone has live coverage stra...
an image of some sort of webpage with many different colors and font options on it
Panasonic Head Unit Controller, Interface © Николай Апостол #car #vehicle #ui
an image of a website page with many different people on it, including men and women
HUB by Dmitrij Paškevič | Tiles website design with flat colors
the latest news page is displayed in this screenshot
30 Brilliant Examples Of UI Cards
30 Brilliant Examples Of UI Cards | Web & Graphic Design | Bashooka
the color chart for different shades of paint
Dribbble - by Vlade Dimovski #flatpalette #flat
two credit cards sitting on top of each other in front of a blue and purple background
My wallet - Card Management. Thanks for watching
two mobile phone screens showing the date and time for each month, with different icons on them
the app is designed to look like it has different colors
31 New Useful Free Photoshop PSD Files for UI Designers Graphic Design Junction
Free Modern UI Elements for GUI Screens #freepsdfiles #freepsdgraphics #freepsdmockups #freebies
an app with the date and time displayed on it's screenshote screen
The only thing this image illustrates is semi-flat design to highlight one element on the screen against the flat backdrop...need to use this trick--kyra
two smartphone screens showing the time and location of different vehicles on each side of them
Daily Ui 020 Location Tracker
Daily Ui 020 Location Tracker by SensitiveM
the app is designed to look like it's running
the kitchen app on an iphone with red and blue lines coming out of it's screen
temperatur_2x.png by Michal Parulski
Temperatur 2x
an iphone screen showing the time and weather
02.jpg by Vasjen Katro
a person holding a cell phone in their hand and touching it with the other hand
UI car app.
UI car app. on Behance 심플하지만 자동차의 라이트를 닮은 푸른빛이 조화롭게 어울려 정말 자동차 그 자체인것같앗다. 또한 요즘 어플 트렌드와 맞는 디자인이라고 생각했다.
the app is designed to look like it could be used on an iphone or ipad
lovely ui
gradients on 1 Gallon a Day