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Bic: 60 Bic Cristal pen

Bic: 60 Bic Cristal pen on

Bic: 60 Bic Cristal pen

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그래픽 디자인, 공간을 점령하다 : 매거진캐스트

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그래픽 디자인 부문 이미지 10

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Hang it on the wall.

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크리스마스 디자인 소스 모음 1탄 _ 무료 크리스마스 일러스트 소스,Ai파일, 벡터 템플릿 플랫디자인 아이콘

Grand Central Market - Neon Pattern

Fabula Branding undertook a comprehensive development of the brand of processed cheese spreads for one of the leaders of the Russian cheese market – the company «Cheese Starodub».

Picture Layout - lay out your pics as shown on top of a piece of clear plastic. Lift each picture individually and mark where you need to make a hole using pen on the plastic. Once all are drawn on, remove pics and place plastic on wall, drill through each mark and hey presto, each picture wall-mounted perfectly- need to do this in living room