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I dunno yet :/

I'm writing something(not sure what yet) and I need people to play as characters! If you want to join tell me. If there isn't a character(I got 'em off safari) you like tell me and I'll look for what you want!
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H-Hi! My name is Beam. I love music and I play the's really fun. If you wanna role-play as me just ask. Plus if you wanna know more about me and my friends you can ask! I have a twin sister named Koraa. She's sorta....uh....shy and stuff.

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This is Rose. She loves fashion-designing and cats. Well,she loves all animals but she likes cats a lot. She is friends with Mika,Liz,and Karou. If you wanna be Rose just tell me.

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Hi!!! My name is Rae!!!!! I love shoes and dresses and all my friends and family!!!!!! My best friends are Rose and the blue-haired twins!!!!! Mostly Beam though! RP as me and you won't regret it at all!!!!!!!!!

Hello,I'm Diane! I like nature and hanging out with Rose! She is beautiful and smart. I love hanging out with her!!! RP as me and you'll be lucky

Preview of my role play!!!!!! Wanna join tell me!!!!!

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Hi. Name's Shira. I "wear" fairy wings to look nice. Between you and me...we all have powers! We may look like normal school girls...but we're not!!! RP as me maybe? My Best friend is Koraa

Patience here! And I'm well...uh...patient! Duh! I love animals! RP as me and we can look at my plushie collection!!!

Hello. I am Koraa. My sister's sister. Twin sister. I like music like she does but I don't play piano. I prefer drums or electric guitar. I listen to rock music and other kind. I have the same friends as my sister. If you wanna know more about me and my friends ask. If you wanna RP as me ask. Thanks

Alex...I'm sorta secretive always keeping to myself...RP as me...

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