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an image of a computer screen with the wording page highlighted in red and green
simpleCE (Mini CMS)
simpleCE (Mini CMS) by Pascal-Bajorat
a white board with several different types of items on it
Airbnb host analytics
Airbnb sitemap by Martin Oberhäuser, via Behance
the dashboard screen shows several different types of people's chats, including one for each
Our inhouse project managment tool - Scrum kanban board Please check the attachments
an image of a dashboard showing the number and type of items that are available for purchase
Dribbble - Hire me
Dribbble - Hire me
an image of a dashboard screen with people on the side and one in the middle
Meddem Create Meeting
Continue working on a medical big project. This is the page where you can create a meeting with selected doctor and book the time. Don't forget to have a look at full pixels in attachment! Follo...
an image of a web page with colorful lines and shapes in the background, as well as text
dashX - Invoicing and Leave Request
Hi, Wednesday people! They say Wednesday is the most depressive day of the week. But if you think about it closely, it’s THE perfect day to brighten up by getting paid or requesting a leave. Yeah,...
an image of the moon in black and white, with text that says it's not
Explore the Moon Project
Explore the Moon on Behance
an image of a tablet screen with multiple screens on the front and back, all in different colors
LiquidPRO UI Kit App Design - FREE PSD - FreebiesUI
LiquidPro - Interface Kit - Boxes - PSD Download
an image of a computer screen with the text do today and two different things on it
Tasks by lluck #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots
an image of a web page that is designed to look like a dashboard
meetings_-_dasboard.png by Adrian Madacs
three screens showing different types of webpages and the same page size as well
mail_ru_inbox_concepte_02.jpg by bakanovskiy
Mail ru inbox concepte 02
an image of a web page with different settings
dot_pushmail1.png by Karine Pujol
Dot pushmail1