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Lavender Hanbok

한복 hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

This is called a "Hanbok" and it's a traditional dress worn by women in the older days but now it's only worn for special holidays! It's gorgeous. <3

Those pale layers of complementing colours coupled with the dreamy fabric that this is made of is just divine.

hanbok | Tumblr (Korea) Suryashi Huang would wear something similar to this for her official court appearances. Hanbok are almost unbeatable for comfiness and ease of motion, and the wealth of color and gold on such a wonsam would rival anything Europe has to offer.

Fusion Wedding Fashion

Modern #Hanbok, traditional Korean dress with white semi #jeorgori & white #chima

My wedding / 花中花 / 기자/에디터 : 한혜선 / 사진 : 이진수(VISU by jins 02-516-0566) / 모델 한으뜸 / 헤어&메이크업 에스휴(헤어 유성 메이크업 선덕 02-3448-3007) / 플라워 협조 유주희(엘리제플라워 02-545-5501)

Amazing, modern blue, royal inspired 한복 Hanbok / Traditional Korean dress