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an abstract painting with waves and mountains in the background, as if it were made from stained glass
an info sheet showing the different types of logos and their uses in each country's logo
Start A Fire
Infographic Design Templates Vector EPS, AI Illustrator
four white containers with red lids on them
Out of Sight
Out of Sight via Oh Beautiful Beer designed by Joanna Copperman curated by Packaging Diva PD. One for the packaging smile file : )----------------3B 1113086 추연우 : 아이덴티티 칼라를 레드로 사용해서 무채색 일러스트에 포인트가 되어서 매력적인 거 같습니다. 일러스트 또한 밑에 부분 쪽에만 아기자기하고 깔끔한 거북이와 고래 일러스트를 표현해서 복잡하지 않습니다.
a white and grey bottle with a blue top sitting on a table in front of a white background
several different types of hair dryers with red and yellow liquids on the top
Corkscrew packaging design concept by Islam Hassan -
a bag of bloc on a white background
Diseño de Logotipos
Simple Black and Silver Packaging Design
several different types of electronic devices are shown in this graphic style, including an ipod dock and
The Dieline Awards 2014: Health & Beauty, 3rd Place – ETNIA Fragance
The Dieline Awards 2014: Health & Beauty, 3rd Place – ETNIA Fragance — The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News
a black vase sitting on top of a white table
Magisso Black Terracotta Barware - Design Milk
Magisso Black Terracotta Barware Photo
an illustrated poster with many different types of letters
Mike Davis makes the abc's rock - Small for Big
Interview with Mike Davis, awesome Minessota Designer - and the alphabet print of course.
some type of black and white alphabets
New Panda font is designed to help protect beloved animals
Panda font is exactly what you need :3
the letters are painted with watercolors and have different animals on them, as well as numbers
L'alphabet d'animaux
Joli alphabet animalier par Éva Bourdier
the letters are made up of different shapes and sizes
Amusement Park Alphabet - Ann Shen