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Product design

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USB LED 라이트 5,100mAh_블루_디테일

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Dryerhair is an aesthetically pleasing hair dryer, created by UK based design studio Industrial Facility.

Netatmo Valves | Smart Radiator Valves | Thermostatic Valves

C h e n , y u n g - h s u n: product design / 2ize

EPFL + ECAL Lab pushes our buttons with its 'Lazy Bytes' project

The 'Circule', by ENSCI's Arthur Siau, has a single joystick to control all digital interfaces within a living room. Five mini screens around the joystick help make navigation intuitive


2010 | Philips Design | laptop accessories by Giovanni Alessi Anghini, via Behance

Mersiv revolutionises the way in which we learn languages.Using sights and sounds around it, Mersiv tailors personalised micro language lessons, mimicking the way that we learn languages as infants - by exposing users to a new language within the contex…

Smart Album for Android OS on Industrial Design Served