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Aldryn branding video in Infographics/explainer videos

We've created a branding animation showing Aldryn - the easy-to-use and developer-friendly system for web professionals. Concept design: UN/FORMA & Anna Dusza Animation, CGI: UN/FORMA Outro video sequence: Tomasz Biskup Sound: Piotr Bejnar

Acequia TV // Branding Package

This is a freelance 2d animation job i made for Superestudio. These are just the branding elements i animated. Animation: Superestudio and Juan Manavella Directed and produced by Superestudio Thank's for watching! Check out SuperEstudio & Lamole amazing work following the next link:

Al Tahrir Branding

Design and Animation using - After-Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Illustrator 00:00 Break in 00:05 general Sting 1 00:13 general Sting 2 00:21 general Sting 3 00:29 Health Sting 00:41 Culture Sting 00:52 Political Sting 01:03 Chrismes Sting 01:14 Coming up 01:22 Manu 01:29 Break out Thank you for watching ^ ^

Client: DHX Media Studio: Roger Creative Director: Rich Scurry Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee Head of Production: Brandon Stevenson Producer: Brandon Stevenson Art Directors: Belinda Rodriguez, Rich Scurry, Yuki Yamada Designers: Andy Bernet, Hugo Codinach, Grace Kim, Kay Kim, Yu Kito Lee, D’ara Nazaryan, Belinda Rodriguez, Rich Scurry, Karen To, Rigel Yaluk, Yuki Yamada, Angela Zhu Technical Director: Justin Wilcott T...

Club Zone Branding Reel

Studio: Punga Visual Consorcio Client: Club Zone TV Art Director: Ivan Flugelman Animation director: Facundo Laboranti Animators (alphabetical order): Lucas Casagrande, Juan Casal, Facundo Laboranti, Chars Lamour, Pablo Kerlleñevich. Reel edition: Juan Casal

2014 - Nat Geo People. Channel Branding. National Geographic International is launching a new channel and LUMBRE spent the entire second half of 2013 creating the complete branding for Nat Geo’s new star. Nat Geo People offers unfiltered access to the true stories of real people from all over the world with the adventure and cultural exploration you expect from National Geographic. For this project, LUMBRE had to flex its broadcast design studio muscles, its production muscles ...

Researching dynamic identity with logodesign in Cinema 4D. Music: "Ce soir, le piano" by Brian (, Watch my second dynamic branding research here: For updates follow me @

When Logo launched in 2005 it served a very under-served LGBT community. Over the years, LGBT life has hit the mainstream and Logo's programming and appeal has grown broader, becoming a lifestyle brand informed by the sensibility of the LGBT community. The goal was to refresh the look and feel to more closely reflect the style and sophistication of the audience. There was a sense internally that the brand had fallen a bit out of alignment with the culture at large; The reign of Queens…

Centric Branding

Brand montage for Centric created by Gretel (