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15 unexpected uses for christmas lights

LED string lighting fixture

This minimalist lamp is a recent creation of the Japanese studio YOY, who’s work we previously featured. The piece, laconically titled Light, is a modern take on an old concept. It breathes new life into a familiar lampshade idea. Thanks to the cleverly shaped LED fixture, the lamp produces a lampshade-like projection on the wall.

로켓이 나는듯한 조명으로 독특하고 재미있는 디자인인것 같습니다.

Korean design studio AND (also known as Art N Design) have created Candleman, a little human figure candle that appears to be meditating.

I like the raw look of this sketchbook, it's unrefined and natural which creates a nice aesthetic. It would be interesting to play around with this style but I don't think my skill set is suitable.

Matthew Filipkowski #Sketchbook