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When it comes to dealing with your “stuff”, peace is possible. Clear out. Simplify. Take back your life.
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a woman standing on the beach with her arms spread out and text overlay reads, how to stay motivitated when it's all too much
#346 How to Stay Motivated When It's All Too Much with Tonya Kubo | Kathi Lipp
How to stay motivated when clutter, cleaning and organizing your home and life. #organize #simplify #clutter
a pile of newspapers with the words when clutter is buried by physical clutter
#345 When Emotional Clutter is Buried by Physical Clutter with Lyneta Smith | Kathi Lipp
Physical Clutter and Disorganization can be a signal that something is off. De-cluttering can be the first step towards healing. #declutter #organization
a chair and table with a quote on it that says we believe that necessary for survival is different from necessary for joy and peace
#341 The Difference Between Minimalism and Clutter Free | Kathi Lipp
The difference between minimalism and living a clutter free life.
the top shelf in a kitchen with plants and jars on it, text reads 10 cute ways to organize your stuff
The Simply Organized Home - 10 Cute Ways to Contain All that Stuff | Kathi Lipp
10 Cute and Easy Ways to Organize all your stuff. #SimplyOrganized #ClutterFree #GetOrganized #Organize
the package is open and ready to be used as a gift for someone who wants to win
Organize Me Now! The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Storage | Kathi Lipp
Like x-ray vision, see what’s inside your storage boxes with a simple solution available on the shelves at Walmart. (Plus, enter for a chance to win!)
a rack with clothes and text that reads get kid it the surprising reason you will want to declutter half of your things and live clutter free
Get Rid of It: The One Surprising Reason You Will Want to Declutter Half of Your Things and Live Clutter Free Everyday of Your Life
How getting rid of half your stuff doubles your choices.
a book cover with an image of a notebook, pen and glasses on top of it
Fling Your Bag - It's the Clutter Free Way to Carry Everything you Need
Super quick and easy tips to finally organize your purse and your life.
a blue background with flowers and the words prepping for success written in white on it
Episode 302 Spring Fling Kickoff
Decluttering prep tips for success. Prep right and get more clutter out of your house.
a woman sitting on top of a rock with the words i fell in love with life when
Finally Clutter Free Event
Living Clutter Free opens the door to allowing us to live the life we were meant to, one in which we can focus on others, not just ourselves.--- Kathi Lipp, Finally Clutter Free events
a green trash can with the words life is messy, simple systems turn dreaded tasks into tidy ones that are effortless and easily done
Hope for Tupperware Organization and Your Sanity | Kathi Lipp
Hope for Tupperware Organization and Your Sanity
a woman sitting on a bed holding a coffee cup and stack of folded towels with the words 30 organizing projects you can do while watching tv
30 Organizing Projects You Can Do While Watching a 30 Minute TV Show
the quote creativity is on the other side of clutter in purple and green paint
Quote of the Month | Kathi Lipp
Creativity is on the other side of clutter!
a living room with the words how to declutter your home fast 5 clarify questions you must ask
How to Declutter Your Home Fast 3 Questions You Must Ask
Quick and easy decluttering tips that really work. Get past decision fatigue and choose what to keep and what to toss – fast.