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Historical Korean clothing

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These are clothes I am looking for .when it comes to my SCA garb

Reconstructions of 15th and 16th century hanbok. Source: But no references given :(

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The Korean traditional garmet is the Joseon-ot. Originating in the ancient Koguryo kingdom of the Three-kingdoms, the first feudal state in Korea. Its design and variety has been fairly steady from medieval to modern times, differing only based on the season or gender of the wearer.

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Hanbok, Korean Traditional Dress

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Korean Traditonal Clothes of Goguryeo(BC37-AD668) #고대의복 #hanbok

From a Chima-jeogori exhibition by the "Hanbok Cultural Society" in 2007, with a reconstructed 16th century outfit. Source:

Hanbok, korean traditional clothes / My wedding / 신부, 하얀 겨울 빛에 머물다 / 한복 린

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Folkwear Korean Han-Bok

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Normal Hats For Commonplace Women by Glimja