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Easy Fireworks Painting for Kids

Afocal Bretagne. De jolis feux d'artifices à partir de rouleaux de papier toilette. Pensez à tester votre activité en amont !

Make Bottle Print Button Flowers

Make Bottle Print Button Flowers! Fun kids craft idea for Spring or Summer | CraftyMorning.com

"DIY watercolor silhouette. This would be a fun project to do with letter stickers. Stickers on first then paint, dry, and remove stickers."

Adorable Giraffe Finger Puppet Craft

This adorable giraffe finger puppet craft is such a hoot and is so fun for kids to play with! A perfect craft to make after visiting the zoo or as a summer kids craft.

Galloping Finger Puppet Zebra Craft

Kids United

Collage Animal Marionettes

Children make marionettes from TP rolls , tissue paper, and painted beads.

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The Entertaining House: Stylish notes on fashion and decor :: Grey is the perfect Slow + Simple color