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three different views of the inside of a birdcage with orange birds in it
grégoire de lafforest architecte d'intérieur et designer
Birdcage Table by French interior architect and designer Grégoire de Lafforest
four different shapes and lines are shown on the wall
Concept clock, interesting :)
Concept clock, interesting :)
some shelves with pictures on them in a room that looks like it has been painted gray
letterbak kinderkamer klaske . Foto geplaatst door highet op
love how these shelves are outlined in white but painted various background colors...would be cute with the little house shelf idea
a table with lots of items on it in a room filled with pictures and other things
Dispatches from California: Oh Hello Friend
Oh Hello Friend, a little shop in Fullerton, CA, has the sweetest displays! I really like this gas-pipe display frame.
an instagram page with black and white photos on it
A Workspace DIY - PANTONE 4C
a bedroom with many pictures on the wall
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with drawers underneath it and below the keyboard
30 Inspirational Home Office Desks
We almost passed this desk off as too small until we saw it open, check out all of those storage compartments including a dedicated space for gadgets.
the inside of a building with some signs on it
Naver Line Square
Naver Line Square / Urbantainer
a brick wall with several colorful hexagonal signs on it
Arabia Factory neighborhood- Love the creativity!
a black and white photo of a ladder in front of a wall with words on it
Index Projets - Graphistes Paris et Direction artistique
Exhibition design installation process. Interesting to see the application of the letters on the wall.
a blue chair sitting next to a stack of books and a small potted plant
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
Chroma Frame by Lucy Birley & Lambert Rainville -★-
an empty room with some stairs in it
DAM-Preis 2013 für Kunstmuseum Ravensburg - Verleihung und Ausstellung in Frankfurt