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blue flowers in the middle of a green field
Classic Maine field! Lupines.
some very pretty blue flowers in a big field
Gilia capitata Calflora
Gilia capitata Calflora
a white flower with green leaves on a black background
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three purple flowers with green leaves in the foreground
Last one!
a purple flower with green tips on it
This Ivy House
A blooming agapanthus
a colorful vase sitting on top of a lush green forest filled with plants and flowers
two acorns on a branch with leaves against a white background
a close up of a pine cone on a white background
Cone Pine Nature - Free photo on Pixabay
an illustrated guide to the different types of plants and their leaves, including ferns
The Illustrai: 7 Ways to Draw Fern Leaves
A cartoon style graphic with mushroom, frog, moth, and plant leaves