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RPG Game Concept

RPG Game Concept by July Pluto


Chat/Messaging UI Inspiration

Chat/Messaging UI Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium


原创作品:合到10 / Just Get...


Mind-Bending iPad App Channels M.C. Escher

Mind-Bending iPad App Channels M.C. Escher | Co.Design | business + design

Golden Depth (by Evgeny Polukhin) #app #game #dribbble

Golden Depth (by Evgeny Polukhin) #app #game #dribbble

《Candy Knight 》IOS a...

《Candy Knight 》IOS a...

The graphic design of the exploratory mobile game, Adventures of Poco Eco – The Lost Sounds. This was my six-month-long digital project that created a whole new marketing platform,an extended edition LP – where the extra content is a mobile game based on…

a bit of a stretch for "Tech UI" but I like the look of this.

MMASON — Kijiji Minimalist Game Design - a great looking mobile game interface

Monument Valley is one of those rare and Brilliant Games that is both beautiful and ingenious! - The UI is entirely encapsulated in the game play via the environment. Gears, switchs, buttons, foot pads, wall panels... a little bit of secondary colour per level as a hint and the rest of the puzzel is up to you! While short and sweet, I LOVE this game! - UI Games Android Apple Interface Art