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three different types of cocktails on a yellow and blue background
Summer Time! out in Thomas Cook Magazine! Shot with lovely Hattie Newman
two pineapples, an umbrella and some fruit on a pink background
a pink drink sitting on top of a table next to pieces of paper and star decorations
Fresh Drinks Collection
Fresh Drinks Collection on Behance
paper cut out of the words get ready with clouds and rockets
"Get Ready!"
During my internship at the design studio Schwarzschild in Wiesbaden, one of my jobs was to create a poster to win students for an internship at their studio. I was allowed to let my ideas run free and i decided to create something playful with paper.
an ice cream sundae on top of a beach next to palm trees and hearts
Adrianandgidi - portfolio-1-3
an origami train with mountains and clouds in the background that says rio bani baa
Maqueta paper cut
a paper cut out of a bottle on an island with people standing in the water
¿En serio todo esto está hecho de papel? - muymolon
Hattie Newman. Arte en Papel. Brutal!!! Lo encontré en muymolon
two different types of posters with people in them
Paper Cut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala | Inspiration Grid
Paper Cut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration