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an abstract blue background with lines and dots in the shape of a letter m on top of it
Abstract Representation Digital Binary Plexus Dna Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 27434407 | Shutterstock
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an illustrated poster with people walking around the town
What Jobs Do You See Everyday?
an illustrated book with people walking around and cars parked on the street in front of buildings
National Public Works Week Poster
National Public Works Week Poster by Jannie Ho, via Behance
an animated cityscape with buildings and sky in the background
Colorful Inspiration For Gray Days: Illustration And Photography At Their Best — Smashing Magazine
Colorful Inspiration For Gray Days: Illustration And Photography At Their Best – Smashing Magazine
an abstract illustration of two people kissing each other with their heads close to one another
illustration by minkyung - Today Pin
illustration by minkyung - - #Couple
an image of different types of surfboards in the water and on top of each other
Geometric vector animals are a stunning pet project
Geometric vector animals are a stunning pet project / See more amazing work over on the Hope Little website: www.hopelittle.com
a drawing of a man sitting in a chair with his hand on his chin and looking up
DRAWING 1 + 2: January 2012
a drawing of a single flower on a white background
David Hockney(British, b.1937) The Rose and the Rose Talk 1969 etching From the Story Fundevogel. For Six Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm
the reflection of palm trees and water in a pool with blue swirls on it
David Hockney pool at the Roosevelt Hotel #mytheresa #ACxAGjeans
a drawing of a person sitting on a chair with a book in their lap and one hand holding a cell phone
drawings – david hockney
David Hockney line drawing. Even though this drawing doesn't have a lot going on, the depth of field and citing was done perfectly. Leaves the setting up to your imagination, I feel like the artist was sitting on a park bench but it truly could be several places. And it feels like this could be a good thumbnail for a future painting/drawing to work from like the movie we watched in class.
a person is floating in the water on a surfboard
David Hockney - a master of the art of painting water.
the water is crystal clear and blue in this photo, it looks like there are waves coming out of the pool
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David Hockney - "Steps into Water"
an abstract painting with blue and white paint drips on the ground, as if it were raining
'Rain' (1973) by English artist David Hockney (b.1937). Lithograph. via Theobald Jennings
a black and white drawing of a person laying in bed with his head on the pillow
drawings – david hockney
Happy Birthday David !!! (David Hockney)