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a man in a blue shirt and tie with money on the wall behind him that says, if i had a dollar for every time i've been interrupted in the middle of my lessons
Bored Teachers | Celebrating Educators Every Day.
a woman holding a coffee cup in her right hand and the caption reads, student why do you have coffee every day? will you die without it? me
Follow @coffeerated for Daily Coffee Content ☕♥️
an older woman with glasses is holding her hand up in front of the caption that reads, when someone asks me when i was the last time i got a decent night's sleep
Teacher Memes For Educators Counting Down to Thanksgiving Break
two pictures with words that say high school teachers, elementary teachers and meanwhile middle school teachers
Get Ready To LOL: The Best Teacher Memes Collection!
a teacher appreciation card with the words taylor swift themed teacher appreciation
In Your Teaching Era Teacher Appreciation Week!
Buckle up because we're about to take Teacher Appreciation Week to a whole new level of awesome! Get ready to dive into a week filled with Swiftie vibes and major appreciation for the real rockstars - our amazing teachers!
popcorn and a movie ticket with the text popcorn & a podcast an easy grab - and - go pop opportunity for staff
Easy Grab and Go Teacher PD: Popcorn and a Podcast - Miss DeCarbo
a flyer for the fabulous friday's in february, with an image of a cartoon character
Make your Fridays in February…fabulous! #thefirstyear
a holiday break with kindness is an easy way to help kids learn how to make christmas decorations
Countdown to Holiday Break with Kindness
Watch your class go from bananas to kind with this fun Countdown to Winter Break Kindness Challenge Activity!
a red and white postcard with the words staff deservest on it
December 2017 Beginning this Thursday, November 30th, we begin our 2nd Annual "12 Days Before Winter Break, or this year, "The 12 Days of...
a door decorated to look like a wizard's hat with the words, our custolan is