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Nova Objecta - Triangulation Side Table

Zick Zack by Olga Bielawska

Stool made out of walnut- emphasizing the geometry of its form; simplistic yet referencing the prehistoric time with its elements of round form, raw materiality, and symetry.

Brandywine Dining Table - Whitewash

The Brandywine dining table features a solid oak top , iron legs and oak feet. The white wash is a milky white color wash with tan tones underneath. It is not a solid white color. The subtle variances

Double Gaston Table Legs

Double Gaston Table Legs Más

Modern, Dining Table "X" Legs, Industrial Legs from 3" x 1" Tubing and 1/4 x 5" Mounting flat steel on top. Set of 2 legs

Modern Dining Table X Legs Industrial Legs from 3 x 1 by DVAMetal Add 4x4 in the middle

Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger

two leg table


Stabile is a minimalist design created by Barcelona-based designer Max Enrich.

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O

2 Tiered Recy Honey Wood & Iron Shelf W/Herring Bone Pattern