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a woman with braids on her head standing in the desert
I love how the Himba women paint their bodies and hair.
China - nanguazi南瓜子
Her beauty giving me shivers, her smile warming me inside, flushed hot and cold, I search for the words that could make her mine, your name - I ask, freedom - she replies.
China - nanguazi南瓜子
Ethnic Beauty: Afar - People of the Danakil Desert
Sensitive Content Warning
Ethnic Beauty: Afar - People of the Danakil Desert
a woman in native dress holding a drum
Royal Princess Temashayina of Swaziland
Royal Princess Temashayina of Swaziland,
an african woman holding a baby in her lap and looking at the camera, with other people around her
Yale University Library Search Results
Africa | Shaping the skull in Niapu (now in the Democratic Republic of the Congo). | © Casimir Zagourski African postcards, 1924-1941 (inclusive). Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University
a statue of a man standing on top of a rock next to grass and rocks
Surma Man with Painted Body, Ethiopia | Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher
Surma Man with Painted Body, Ethiopia
a close up of a statue of a person wearing a necklace and earring on it's head
Africa | Portrait of a young Dinka man. South Sudan. They cover their bodies with ash both for protection and beautifying purposes | Just one of the many fantastic photographs included in the publication 'Painted Bodies: African Body Painting, Tattoos and Scarification' by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher ~ Release date Sept 18th 2012. { }
two african men standing next to each other in front of tall grass and trees with sticks
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The Mursi Tribe Of Ethiopia
two black men standing next to each other near rocks
Body decoration, Ethiopia
a man with painted on his body sitting in front of a tree and wearing a hat
African man in body paint
an african man with painted face and headdress
Africa travel - Lonely Planet
Africa | Side profile of highly decorated Samburu Warrior. | © Douglas Steakley/Lonely Planet
a woman with white paint on her face and two horns hanging from her head, standing in an open field
The Mursi tribe
a woman wearing a white coat with a hood over her head
『京都 桜鶴苑 潜入』
Wedding : Kyoto Japan