Static 1960 Table clock Lorenz Milano Prize Compasso d'Oro 1960 The Static was designed in response to the manufacturer's request to use up his surplus stock of torpedo aircraft timers. The timer is enclosed in a steel tube with a weighted, self-righting, round base that contains the battery. The face is a copy of a cockpit's clock.

Richard Sapper - Tantalo - 1971

Bandung 1992 Teapot Alessi This appliance was designed to make tea following a traditional principle whereby the teapot itself contains a separate compartment for tea leaves. In a horizontal position, the water reaches the compartment and soaks the leaves, while when positioned vertically, the compartment on top isolates the leaves from the freshly brewed tea. The form is designed to respond to this dual orientation.

Richard Sapper - Microsplit - 1976

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