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various stationery items are displayed on a white surface, including notebooks and notepads
Daylight + Melon: UX Design & Product Design
three different colored tickets with numbers and names on them, one is for joann stay
보안여관 아이덴티티
the allegro brand identity is displayed in orange and white, with different colors
Allegro on Behance
the brochure is designed to look like an orange and white color scheme
Our Work | Creative Projects - Moving Brands
several different types of business cards with blue and white colors on them, including the letter h
Dinsob Consulting
two brochures with blue and red designs on them, one is folded in half
Sonbola™ — (branding/editorial)
several brochures are displayed on a wall with blue and red designs in the background
Sonbola™ — (branding/editorial)
Sonbola™ — (branding/editorial) on Behance
an assortment of stationery and business cards
Sonbola™ — (branding/editorial)
Sonbola™ — (branding/editorial) on Behance
six green and blue squares with the names of different companies in each square, on top of
2019 Taiwan National Day Ceremony VI
Behance :: 최고의 Behance
the world's most futuristic ships are shown in this infographal poster, which shows
영화 '판도라'를 통해 본 원자력 발전의 위험성 - 지적 존재들의 B컷 - 비주얼다이브
영화 ‘판도라’를 통해 본 원자력 발전의 위험성[인포그래픽] | 비주얼다이브
green and white business card mockups on display in an empty room with no people
Bookline Rebranding
an assortment of chocolate bars are stacked on top of each other
Coffee to Go
Coffee to Go on Behance
a white box with a blue and gold design on it next to a paper bag
Shen Fu Ren Ginseng Products
Shen Fu Ren Ginseng Products on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery