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Climate Change. The animals (including marine animals) know it's happening but humans have their heads in the sand!

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我给采集到Layout design(363图)_花瓣:

我给采集到Layout design(363图)_花瓣:

I am not sure what your goals are, but my thought was (whatever fraction), "1/3 of all Blue Island Parks Is/Isn't _____. Let's Change that. (Or We're here to change that."

Save the Arctic by Voranouth Supadulya, via Behance

"Where Will We Go Now? You can make a difference in protecting the Arctic by declaring it a global sanctuary" by Voranouth for Greenpeace - "In the past 30 years, the Arctic has lost 35% of its sea ice. As the ice melts, companies are moving forward to exploit natural resources and potentially harm the already endangered environment." #SaveTheArctic

Destroying nature is destroying life on Behance

“Help reverse climate change before it’s too... — Posters For GOOD

Very cool image about climate change. Art GCSE changed idea

Mind Blowing Resources: 30 Mind Blowing Posters Against Climate Change