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an airplane is flying in the sky with white clouds and lines on it's side
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an abstract painting with white and orange lines on the bottom half of it, against a gray wall
Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin, Happiness from Innocent Love series, 1999 — acrylic on canvas, one of eight paintings.
a piece of cloth with dots on it
Agnes Martin | Little Sister (1962) | Artsy
an empty piece of paper with lines drawn on the top and bottom, in front of a white background
Agnes Martin | Untitled (1977) | Artsy
Agnes Martin | Untitled (1977) | Artsy
an old book page with curved lines on the pages, and two rows of arches
Agnes Martin | Untitled (1960) | Artsy
Agnes Martin, ‘Untitled’, 1960
an old handwriting paper with wavy lines on it
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four white rectangulars are arranged in a row on top of a plain sheet of paper
SNAKE RANCH - agnes-martin: Untitled, 1959, Agnes Martin...
an abstract painting with white squares on the bottom and black lines across the top, in front of a light gray background
Agnes Martin, Orange Grove , 1965, Oil and graphite on canvas.
an old paper textured background with lines and dots in light brown, beige or black
Leaf, 1965
Leaf, 1965. Agnes Martin
an airplane is flying through the blue sky
Night Sea, 1963 - Agnes Martin -
Night Sea, 1963 - Agnes Martin
an old bamboo mat is shown in yellow and brown tones, as well as the background
Agnes Martin | Friendship (1963) | Artsy
an area rug with grey squares on it
Agnes Martin on Twitter
Agnes Martin on Twitter: "White Flower, 1960 #agnesmartin #martin… "