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some drawings are shown on top of a piece of paper
a metal object sitting on top of a white surface
The Design Walker
The Design Walker • Maria Pergay lounge chair, 1970.: Pergay 1970,...
four different types of furniture are shown in this drawing technique, each with one line drawn to the side
a silver sculpture sitting on top of a white table
From the Collection—Bengtsson’s Slice Chair
two concrete tubes sitting on top of each other in front of a white background,
예술적인 욕구를 만족 시키는 가구 디자인
a metal object that is shaped like a flower
a drawing of a wooden structure with scissors in it
some kind of drawing that is on top of a piece of paper with lines in it
아이디어스케치 보완2
a lamp that is sitting on top of a stand with a cupcake in front of it