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20240704 낙서
20240704 낙서
an image of a pattern with circles in the middle and one circle at the bottom
차롱착 안
차롱착 안
an image of some rocks with blue lines on them and holes in the rock surface
재미있는 캔버스
캔버스가 재미있음 #제주 #현무암
언젠가 만들어질 부적에 8꽃잎 달린 꽃이 필요한 경우
an abstract painting with circles and lines on it's surface in black, pink, blue, green, orange, and white
a drawing of trees and flowers on a white paper with colored pencils in it
내가 아는 나무는 아니지만 나무에요.
내가 아는 나무는 아니지만 나무에요. #사실아는나무거의없지만요
a drawing of some kind of animal with long hair on it's back legs
나무의 날개
an ink drawing of a tree with leaves and branches
나무에 나무가 있어요
나무에 나무가 있어요
피라미는 열일중 2
4월 내내 만화영화 <삼베러버피라미> 촬영은 계속!
피라미는 열일 중
#안동금소마을 #삼베러버피라미
하나의 중심에서 가지처럼 뻗어나가길...
붉은 시작
a black and white drawing of an abstract object with lots of circles on it's surface
[낙서] **을 그리려다가
an abstract drawing with black lines and dots on white paper, in the shape of a bird's nest
일단 무제
뭐 다른 거 그리려다가 딴 길 감
a piece of art that is hanging on a wall with some strings attached to it
나름 물 속은... 2
black and white drawing of an abstract design
어딘가의 마을지도