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the sign is clearly visible for us to see
나 같은 거랑 함께 하느라 고생했어
Love, Good Mood, Self, Aesthetic, Rosa
two people standing next to each other in black and white
Home Décor, Insta, Text, Phrase, 11/11, Love Notes
Haha, Idk, Memo, Hate, Words
無題寫眞 (15)
an image of a white paper with writing on it
an image of a tv in the dark with text on it that reads bas bao
넌 없고 , 난 머물고 by Bas Bao ( 바스바오 )
the words are written in korean and english on a piece of paper with black ink
보고 싶어
a skateboard sitting on top of a bathtub next to a faucet
an animal is standing in front of a wall with writing on it's back