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a man standing in the grass with birds flying around him
S O P H I E . L É C U Y E R
S O P H I E ° L é C U Y E R : monotype
an image of a man floating in the air with his arms spread out and head down
S O P H I E . L É C U Y E R
SOPHIE LéCUYER: monotype
a group of people standing in the grass at night with their faces obscured by fog
S O P H I E . L É C U Y E R
S O P H I E ° L é C U Y E R : monotype
people are standing on the roof of a building that has red and white tiles over it
Archiprix International
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two people sitting in chairs next to each other on a floor with potted plants
Apartment and Courtyard in Barcelona / CAVAA arquitectes
Axonometric 2
a drawing of an empty room with doors and windows
Create Your Own Stunning Website for Free with Wix
Villa Girard, Nicolas Duru. Love architecture sketches
floor plans for the living room and bedroom
Arranging furniture TWELVE different ways in the Same Room
arranging furniture in a long room 12 different ways...
a drawing of a kitchen with lots of counter space
Section Sketch
the diagram shows how people are walking up and down an escalator, while others sit on it
Claude Parent
a drawing of a man holding a tennis racquet
Howard Tanaye. (Sorry, do not know the title of this work. If you know her, please comment it and share it better. Thank you very much).
a pencil drawing of a building with multiple sections on it and two pens next to it
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